Chapter 2: San Francisco


Well I decided that San Francisco is where I want to be! It’s so nice… So much life, and very international. I had a couple interviews and they are both very interested in me. One offered me a job and the other told me to contact them immediately with the CEO’s personal number. I’m not quite sure what I think though because these these firms don’t exactly market to the targets I would be interested in, however they do train you and you do move quickly up the chain which is important either way. I can get the training I need plus experience and then I can be more picky.
I explored the city and figured out my way around very quickly. I even went on a coffee date. Nothing serious but it was nice to have some company.
Tomorrow I go to LA. I am dreading this unfortunately because I don’t want to be anywhere near my ex right now- especially because we’re doing no contact. I’m so afraid that it will just hurt me more. However I need to go, tickets are too expensive to change the flight. I guess it’s just another part of the journey.


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