Bye bye and see you in a couple months my future


Well, it’s about that time. I went out last night to an lgbt networking event and I was amazed by how friendly everyone was. I made many new connections. I felt so welcome and it only made me feel more confident about moving here.

It is so relieving to have a stable decision as to what my next step will be after graduation. Of course, I still really miss David and I have my moments of sadness everyday. I wonder if he will end up here as well. I hope he will. But this is my life and nothing will stop me from pursuing my dreams now.

Goodbye San Francisco, I will see you soon. Tomorrow I leave back to Europe for my last semester of school.
Cheers to the future!


2 thoughts on “Bye bye and see you in a couple months my future

  1. I wish you the best of luck. I believe you will graduate this year and start working your way into a prosper future full of success. Stop thinking about old love, it won’t leave you in a better place. I do have an old love that’s still chasing me and making me imagine “what if” but to be honest, i’m trying to get rid of all these kinda thoughts and think positively. Go On Confidentially. 🙂

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