Overcomplicating simple things


I’ve been talking to many random ppl about love. Surprisingly, they all tell me similar stories. They say, “yes, I’ve fallen in love many times… Etc” One lady in the plane said she had many boyfriends and the last one who broke her heart before she got married is the one she will always keep thinking about. I think most people will have that one person on their lives that they will regret losing and miss them forever. A person that they were so passionate about and so I love with but then settled for someone else. I don’t want to settle with someone who isn’t that person who is my everything. I think love is so important. Things can be so simple but as human beings we just seem to over complicate everything because of the norms of society.
Society says you must ensure you go to school, get a high school diploma, then college, then graduate school. Then, you get a high paying career, even if you’re not passionate about it. Then you meet someone who is on the same level as you are, or better- make sure they can provide security- get married, have kids, and continue your daily life with a smile. If you’re not happy, don’t show it- follow the rules. As much as education and getting a good job is important, I think doing what makes you happy is far more important.
For me, love goes above it all. I love love. I have so much love to give. So screw the rules. I wish you would have seen that instead of surrendering to the rules- something you said you would never do. Follow your heart.
I think everyone should live that way- of course if there is no major risk. But evaluate what is the most important to you and go for it.

I miss you, and it hurts. Every single day. It could be so simple. I could pick up the phone and just call you and be happy again. But instead, the norms of society is winning this one. It already got to you. Timing is the only reason it’s over. It didn’t have to be.
When I find a cure or a system to get over heartbreak I will share it. But until then, I will follow my dreams. Just know, you’re still first on my list.



5 thoughts on “Overcomplicating simple things

  1. The most important thing in our lives is…our lives. We are the most important and influential in our lives. Sometimes we just gotta sit down and ask ourselves…what can I do in my life that’ll make me happy? Money can only buy happiness if you want it to; otherwise, it’s just another responsibility. Anything is a choice, but we make our decisions. Sometimes it’s best if we make decisions based on our happiness rather than because of society’s standards of happiness.

  2. you’ve pointed out to a good point here i’d like to comment on. Society and how it imposes the same lifestyle on everyone of us; school, university, paying job, marriage, kids and unhappiness eventually due to unfulfilled dreams and love. there’s only two motives on earth I believe, love and fear. and love seems to be greater than fear. If I don’t have a purpose, a person, a goal, in my life which I love most, I won’t be happy even if I had everything else. On that score, I always try to pursue what I love and what makes me happy, I confess I was a bit wrong when I tried to be different and that too many of my friends could do what I still can’t do but that’s not the end of the world, we still have time and it’s never ever too late to be who we want to be. Here you have to be aware of one point, follow the right thing and only your heart can tell the right things. If you’re love is consuming you, stop it, stop it!

    • I try my best. I think everyone should choose to fulfill their dreams and what makes them happy but it’s too bad that society has the ability to control that– for example if you want to be an artist- an artist might not make a lot of money and one needs money to survive. It’s so tough and it’s not always in our control.

      I appreciate your comment šŸ™‚

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