It’s almost been a month without speaking. I feel better, I’m staying positive. I’m pretty sure I’ve finally accepted that we are no longer together, or perhaps trying to ignore it. Either way, I still see you in my dreams almost every night and that is the hardest thing to wake up to.
I watched the documentary The Secret a couple nights ago. It was so inspiring and it has motivated me to be thankful for everything in my life and to trust that thing will work out for us. Maybe not right now but I’m staying positive because I believe that we are meant to be one day– not in a crazy way where I’m obsessed and just don’t want to let you go, but because I just know it in my heart. Even if it is in a couple years. We will find each other.
But for now, I’ll just see you in my dreams.


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Our stories are indeed similar! The other day I read one of your posts and I thought the same. And now you blog about dreams which is something that I struggled with last week. It was horrible. Its so disconcerting. Dreams can be cruel. I think you are doing the right thing staying positive its the best plan for anyone going through a breakup. Its hard! But its doable! I have pushed myself to wake up early everyday, exercise and then study, look for a job and just overall staying super busy. Also, writing on the blog has been instrumental to my sanity these last two weeks and just having this outlet is therapeutic. Even if I’m the only one reading. Just putting things out there makes it a little better. Keep positive! You go girl!

  2. Aww I know. It’s all so hard. I think it’s getting a bit easier now- I don’t think I’m healed, just learning to manage the pain. I really believe in my heart that it will all work out the way it is supposed to so that’s why I’m staying positive. I’m just staying busy- not spending a lot of time alone. Good luck to you too!

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